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The Juicery Way

Our mission is to make people feel awesome by providing 100% raw produce, superfoods and pressed juice that taste delicious and come in enough variety for every taste-buds enjoyment!

We value nutrition education, a quality juice that is pressed and longer lasting.

We Juice. We Serve. We Educate.

Cold-Pressed. That's what we do.

How do we make the cleanest, smoothest and longest lasting raw Juice in North Alabama? We use a hydraulic cold press with thousands of pounds of pressure to gently squeeze 3-5 times more live enzymes, vitamins and minerals into every fresh pressed bottle we serve. Our juice extraction has zero heat and minimal oxidation making it the most delicious and refreshing tasting juice you have ever sipped.

Premium Quality. Family Owned Values

A Better Juice. A Better Cleanse. A Better Value.

Raw Nut Milks. Pressed Daily.

The only unpasteurized vanilla, pure and chocolate almond milks in North Alabama.

Acai Bowls and Salads. Superfoods and Superfresh.

A speciality frozen bowl of Acai, all natural fruits, and superfoods.

Smoothies. No Ice. No additives.

What's in it? 100% Raw Products. Our pressed Apple Juice. Our pressed Almond Milks.